Houses and Apartments

PVC Plus Panels work great in many areas. Although a perfect substitute for tiles in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundries or other areas with close proximity to water such as Indoor Pools, PVC Plus Panels also work well in other spaces and rooms for a decorative modern look.


  • Bathrooms – Due to the 100% water resistant property, PVC Plus Panels are perfect for Bathrooms. This means past problems on walls and ceilings such as mould in plasterboard or grime build up on grouted tiles will no longer be an issue. PVC Plus Panels can withstand heat up to 60 degrees celcius and no amount of hot showers will affect the Finished Surface Coatings on the panels.
  • Laundries – As with Bathrooms, installing PVC Plus Panels in the Laundry area will provide long term protection against water spillages and general water exposure to the walls and ceiling.
  • Indoor Pools – Being 100% water resistant, PVC Plus Panels would be an obvious choice for walls and ceilings for any Indoor Pools. Chlorine in pool water will have no affect on PVC Plus Panels whatsoever.
  • Kitchens – With excellent fire and water resistant properties, PVC Plus Panels can offer a safe and clean substitute for walls and ceilings.
  • Bedrooms / Living Rooms – Choose from a wide range of colours and patterns to liven up your place.
  • Feature Walls – Simply having just one or a number of walls that contrasts the flat surfaces of other walls can create a modern aesthetic look to the home.
  • Garages – With exposure to many different kind of liquids and industrial materials, garage walls and ceilings tend to break down rather quickly or soak up alot of the chemicals that stay around for a while. With PVC Plus Panels, garages can be kept cleaner and helps to keep things tidier as a result.
  • Basements – As basements are generally cooler, moisture and dampness can cause problems with traditional wall and ceiling materials, especially in winter. Problems such as mould and insects. PVC Plus Panels are a great substitute to eliminate these problems.
  • Pergolas / Eaves – Although an interior material only, PVC Plus Panels can be used on Pergolas and Eaves as there would not be more than 12 hours direct exposure to sunlight. With any outdoor cooking or barbecues, the smoke will have no affect on the panels.