PVC Panel Advantages

Here are some of the advantages of PVC Plus Panels :

Fire Retardant

Interior wall and ceiling panels at PVCPLUS are fire rated by CSIRO (AS/NZ 3837 – group 1). This means our panels are self-extinguishable allowing for a safer option over traditional materials.


PVC wall and ceiling panels are durable and demand very low maintenance. They resist fading and colour changes, and do not absorb liquids. They are also Anti-Termites and Anti-Mould.

Easy installation

PVC panels are simple to install. Being lightweight (3.5- 4 kg per square meter), they operate as a tongue and groove system.


PVC ceiling and wall panels come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Low maintenance

There is very little to no maintenance required as the material does not absorb liquid. Other grime can be easily removed with cloth and water. We recommend applying only small doses of detergent or soap when necessary.


PVCPLUS panels insulate your rooms (heat and sound) helping you maintain the ideal temperature and increasing the efficiency of your air conditioners and room heaters.


And more…

  • CSRIO fire rated AS/NZS 3837: Fire retardant
  • 100% water resistant (including; moisture and damp proof), washable and easy to clean
  • No settlement cracks, warping, rusting or rotting
  • Anti-mould and insect proof
  • No painting or varnishing required
  • High durability and impact resistant
  • Easy to maintain and recyclable
  • High flexibility and unlimited application